Gone gone gone

13 Nov

Her: I’m heading out this weekend, back to my university town. I’m really looking forward to seeing old friends, singing old dances, and new dance moves. But I’m leaving him behind.

It’s funny – growing up I was very independent, but lately I’ve become very reliant on him. I like going off on my own, but I’d rather he was there too – make sense?

Of course not. I think sometimes that while we want to be off doing our own thing, having fun, part of us wants that other half of ourselves to be left behind, not doing anything. Because if they were doing something fun, we would miss out on it. And I don’t want to miss out on anything with him.

But I’m heading out anyways, off to enjoy myself for some good ol’ Queen’s Players traditions.


Besides, everyone knows that the best thing about being apart is coming back together.


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