Driving each other nuts

17 Nov

Tonight we went on Date Night. Not something we do terribly often (Interjection by Him: yes, we do go on dates often), and it’s never planned, but it’s always nice.

We went to the Old Spaghetti Factory for dinner, which was great. We had a $25 gift card from His brother and His brother’s girlfriend for Christmas from last year, and we figured we had better use it. Not like us to leave a gift card for so long, but hey, there you have it.

The food was great, as usual, but what was funny was what He saw in the bathroom. (Not that kind of funny). He noticed a sign saying if  you bought a $25 giftcard, you received a $10 giftcard free. We wondered if that was how we received the gift last Christmas (minus the $10), and as we pondered this, we decided to get them the exact same thing. Not because we’re cheap, just because we’re hilarious.
From there we made our way in the pouring rain to the Factory Theatre. He likes rain, She doesn’t, He had a raincoat, She didn’t. It was not fun. (Interjection by Him – it was fun)

The show was very well done. Called “Spent,” it was about the financial crisis and relied heavily on the use of clown and physical comedy, as well as a handful of great accents. We highly recommend it.

Home again through the pouring rain, which was made way more fun by us running through it.

Date night = great night. (Interjection by Her – minus the rain)


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