Nail clipper gag, fun for the whole family!

23 Nov

His and hers nail clippers. His is the one with the massive erection.

Just got Her with a great gag. We were both clipping our nails into the the same garbage bin (I know, gross). When She chastised me for not getting a nail clipping into the bin. I saw this as an obvious opportunity. I reached over the bin to grab the lost nail and keeping my face close to and facing the top of the garbage. She clipped one last nail and I start screaming something about my eye. She flips out (apparently she has a small phobia of getting a nail clipping stuck in her eye, did not know that…) and is not very pleased. I am very pleased. Pleased with both my craftiness and her huge reaction!

In other news, we started a record collection recently thanks to our good friend, Philip. We decided to never pay more than $2 for a record and so far have found some gems. Led Zeppelin 4 for $2 at Value Village is nothing short of amazing. Still waiting until the day we find a Dark Side of the Moon for $2 on Queen West. Ya, it could happen…


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