Advent #1 & #2

1 Dec

For Christmas a few years ago, I copied my friend Rachel’s idea of making an advent calendar. She had made a beautiful one for her niece, Grace, out of decorated matchboxes. I loved the idea, and wanted to make one for Him.

Patience, however, is not one of my strong suits, and while I followed through with the project, it didn’t turn out nearly as awesome and well-executed as Rachel’s. Regardless, it was done.

I carried around a matchbox in my purse that entire holiday season, buying only gifts that could fit inside. The next year, I decided that He and I should alternate days. He outsmarted my by writing tiny notes in his boxes, leading me on treasure hunts across the apartment. It was a lot of fun, and a great way to start every morning in December!

We’ve decided to start the advent again, trading for each other.

This morning marked His Day 1 (I always like to end up with a gift on the 24th). I’d been teasing Him all November, telling Him we’re getting a Christmas tree December 1st. Well, He got one all right. Straight from Ikea!

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It’s not much, but we’ll improve upon it, we promise.

Because of our big holiday party tomorrow night, He allowed me to open my advent today – Day 2. Unbeknownst to me, He had installed Diablo II for Mac on my computer… amazing. I’m a big computer game nerd and I love Diablo. I bought my own only about two years ago for my own laptop after Dad told my again I could not have his copy. Then I got a Mac and my dreams were crushed.

I’m ecstatic at the thoughtfulness of this gift, and as a matter of fact, am headed to kill some skeletons and bad guys right about – now.


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