Preparing to Party

1 Dec

Tomorrow night I’m hosting a work party at our place. Our work doesn’t include spouses or partners at our company-wide holiday party, so I decided to open up our house to my team and their partners and we’ll have a great time.

However, I did not think about the work going into this. Some of my bosses will in attendance and I’d definitely like to impress (though not too much of course, so I’ll perhaps get a few holiday bonuses thrown my way 🙂 ). Plus, I love home decorating, and I love our little house, so I’m very excited to clean and decorate.

What I love about Him is that He’s such a great cleaner. I never have to force Him into cleaning the house, or mopping the floor. Even when we do clean, He’s his own man – I never have to suggest what’s next, He just does it.

Me? I’m not much of a cleaner. I would much rather alphabetize our record collection, organize our books by genre, set every chatcka just right on the coffee table.

So we work well together. He cleans, I tidy. He mops, I dust. The work is evenly spread out, and best of all, we play to our strengths.

It’s what being a team is all about!



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