Advent #3 & #4

4 Dec

With all the craziness going on the M household lately, we’ve been doing our Advent calendar all wild.

Day 3 was on track and was opened before work yesterday. He received a bar of Dove soap hidden underneath the kitchen sink. The man has sensitive skin, folks.

Day 4 for me was a great one – a mini Worst Case Survival book. Ever since my best friend (the one who started me on the calendar actually – she is responsible for many a great thing in my life) turned me onto the books in high school, I’ve kind of wanted one. I’m also a pretty paranoid person in general, so I think it will be very handy for me to know how to splint a fractured leg.

In case you’re dying with curiosity – the party we were preparing for went off smashingly. The house is still a bit of a mess, but as with the best parties, we ended up with more food and wine than we started with. Totally worth cleaning up a few chairs and dishes in our opinions. We hope everyone had fun and we really enjoyed (me) getting to see people outside of a work setting and (Him) getting to know the faces of people I talk about all the time.

To leave you with, last night I was at the Virgin Mobile Live presents Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros’s concert for work. It was fantastic stuff. I hadn’t heard of the group before preparing for the show for work reasons, but I’m so glad I got to go. There are so many of these guys on stage and they put on a fantastic show, that as one guy said, “was like being at church.”

You can see what you missed here:


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