Santa Claus is Coming to Town!

4 Dec

Today He and I volunteered at my work’s holiday party. It was such a great time – surprising, as we don’t have any kids.

We were Santa for the morning, taking pictures of the kids on his lap and handing them their presents (they got some seriously excellent swag this year).

Santa was amazing! This guy takes his job super seriously. He knows all the kids trends and new toys that I’ve never even heard of – Zuzu Pets, Star Wars Lego, the names of Bob the Builder’s trucks… I was very impressed. I’m pretty sure he was the real deal.

It was great to spend the morning helping out all the kids and families, and as people without children, I find it’s always nice to hang around little kids – they’re cute and hilarious. Especially when they’re crying, I hate to say it. It’s always kind of hard not to laugh at them when they’re upset about silly things, like being afraid of Santa or dropping a cookie. I might be a terrible person, but hey, it’s kind of funny.

He and I are thinking about getting exercise equipment. We’d both like to become a bit more fit, but it’s so dark and cold now that running isn’t really a big high for us, and I just don’t think we’re gym people. But something about the idea of riding an exercise bike or rowing while watching online television – right up our alley.



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