Advent #5, #6, #7 and on and on and on…

10 Dec

Wow, things have certainly got ahead of us. I think this is just how things go in the month of December. Not only does work pick up, but our social lives do too. It seems like every night there’s something we have to do, something we want to do, and about four things we can’t do.

December 5th was a lovely relaxing Sunday. I think I babysat, but honestly, I can’t even remember. What a crazy weekend…

We, of course, did still do our Advent Calendar though! He  received some lovely red felt decorations for our holiday tree if I remember correctly. I’ll throw a photo in of our tree now that we have some cute gifts underneath.

Something funny: He was adding today’s decoration to the tree when he knocked a gift over. “What was that?” he asked himself, so I could overhear. “Oh, it was just a book.” He had knocked a gift for me over though, so now I know I received a book. Heyo! I hope it’s one of these.

Anyway, the morning of the, what are we at now, the 6th? rolls around. It’s my day off! I was thrilled. I started off the morning with an unpleasantly invasive doctors appointment. It was on College Street though, and that part’s fun. It’s always interesting to head down there. Following that, I met Him for lunch at His work. It was kind of nice and made up for my awkward morning.

After lunchy, I headed to a massage appoint at the Dove Spa. So nice. The last time I was there for a massage the guy talked too much and kept telling me that I had dancer’s legs. Super awkward. This time though, my masseuse, Yvonne, was awesome. It was a Swedish massage, which I’ve never had before, but enjoyed. My muscles are crazy messed up in my shoulders and back, so it always feels nice.

Afterwards, instead of heading home like I mostly wanted, I braved the downtown core again and grabbed some holiday gifts I needed to get (okay, and a sweater for myself).

Oh, and the Advent! That morning, let’s see – I think I received this cute St. Clair West pin. He and I had been looking everywhere for them and couldn’t find them – but apparently He did! What a sneak.

Back to work on Tuesday, ho hum. Turns out it was the last day of one of my colleagues, one I’m pretty close with, so that was sad. She was such a great person (IS a great person, she does still exist) and I really enjoyed working with her. I know she’ll do great though and will be happier, so I can’t wait to keep in touch and see what she ends up doing! We went for drinks after work with a few people and I came home kind of in the bag and He and I played Diablo II until we fell asleep. It was awesome.

Wednesday was a very busy day. After my co-worker leaving though, it did make me really think twice about my job. I love it. I love what I do, I love our clients, I love my co-workers. I’m sorry it didn’t work out for her, and I can see a few reasons why, but I do think it’s a great fit for me and this week I’ve been made to feel like I’m doing a good job, which is always nice, and especially nice in a job that you want to really do your best at.

Wednesday’s advent featured some yummy nummy Lindt chocolates. I kept teasing Him that he must have eaten a Festive Special sometime recently, but He won’t own up to it. We’ll see. We headed to the Gap to use the second last of these sweet 40 per cent off coupons I had. I had about five of them, and turns out I can never find anything I like – but He ends up getting great deals week after week. Figures.

Thursday was another crazy but good day. This morning I gave Him some razors. Not the most thrilling Advent, but damn those things are expensive! I would be happy to find $17 in the calendar, so I’m assuming He was happy to find those razors. I had minor surgery that morning which was, again, totally unpleasant. I won’t go into details, but I bet you it was just as fun for the dr. as it was for me.

That evening was my work’s holiday party at the Capital Event Theatre. It was killer! Our name was on the marquee when we arrived and the drinks were flowing. Dinner was great, the door prizes were fab, and the company was even better. The DJ’s however, sucked! We were all putting in a few requests, nothing super crazy, so I asked for some Styx – Come Sail Away. Kind of fun at an office holiday party. The DJ made a face, so I said okay, or Mr. Roboto, whatever. Well, they did end up playing it and at first it was awesome – as the only person who knew the words, I was killing it! Dancing and singing, it was like I WAS Mr. Roboto… until they cut me off! Before the first chorus one of the DJ’s came on the mike and said “These are your requests so you’d better start dancing.” What? Then they went into a different song… super weird and no one was impressed. The night still killed though and reassured my earlier thoughts this week that this is the place for me.

TODAY – finally! This morning I got this cute High Five pin. Not only is it cute (and we can pretend the squirrels are ratties dressed up as squirrels), but it was reminiscent of my recent award at work for hard work – we call them High Fives. Super cute.

Work today was all over the place – ups and downs. I did get to travel with our client Virgin Mobile’s Hot Santa to a location – and let me tell you – if you haven’t seen Hot Santa and his gang, I suggest you get out in Toronto and take a look. Follow their Twitter and you’ll find them – totally worth it, trust me!

Got home from work to our third Christmas card this season – the first being from my grandma, the second from my aunt, and today’s from my parents. I also received a letter from my friend Rob in England – such a joy! He writes a hilarious letter that man does, and it makes me miss him. He’s totally one of those dudes that just, I don’t know, he’s always on and he’s the kind of person you always want to be around and everyone likes. It was a great surprise!

That’s all for now folks – we promise not to wait so long for an update next time!

(On a side note – I keep my camera in the drawer with the extra candles, and damn it smells good!)


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