Bread & Roses

13 Dec

Tonight a friend of mine commented on this blog:

“could you two please just get married already? very sincerely, all your friends.”

At first, I thought – super cute! Obvi I want to get married.

But tonight has been one of those nights that’s just not all bread and roses. It’s more like work.

Living together isn’t always easy. And if it’s not easy now, it’s definitely not going to be easy if we get married. It’s spending time alone when you’d rather be together, spending time together when you’d rather be alone. It’s little quirks that annoy you, it’s little things that get to you. It’s not being able to leave your laundry on the floor if you want, and it’s yelling at the other person when they leave THEIR laundry on the floor.

Basically, it’s spending a lot of time with one person, and that’s bound to get tough. I wish everyday could be perfect and happy and cute, but it’s definitely not. It’s learning to deal with another person’s shit and having to like it.


Thank God we have two floors…


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