Advent #8, #9, #10, #11, #13, #14, #15, #16, but not #12

16 Dec

I had meant to update this with the advent surprises the entire way along, but it’s clearly far too easy to get side-tracked.

I’m sure that these entries are far more exciting when they’re accompanied by photos, but alas, the last several days just aren’t really picture quality. But that doesn’t mean they’re not awesome!

Day 8 was a gift from Him to me. It was a tiny frog. This little frog was lucky enough to fit in the match boxes, which few of our gifts these days do. He now sits at my desk under my computer screen and reminds me that one day I’ll croak, but until then, I’d better just keep working because time flies by. (“Croak” is totally a frog joke, but “flies” is as well, because frogs eat flies. Heyo!)

Day 9 was some lovely red bulbs for our tree for Him, courtesy of me and Ikea. If I was ever to leave Him, it would totally be for Ikea.

Day 10 was and is kind of a mystery. The gift itself was four Lindor chocolates. Great! I love Lindor chocolates. However, they were wrapped not only in colourful foil, but in mystery. Here are the questions I have that He refuses to answer:

  • Aren’t there five chocolates in the Lindor packs? Can anyone else verify this?
  • When did he go to Swiss Chalet and get a festive special?
  • I later found another Swiss Chalet coupon clearly ripped from the box the Lindor’s came in – he told me someone else gave that coupon to him – who was it?

I love nothing but a good mystery however, and anyone who knows me well will know that I am an excellent Detective, and that I’m on the case. Updates to follow.

Day 11 from me to Him brought a mini bottle of gin. I think gin is disgusting and tastes like a pine tree, so hopefully he will enjoy this all by himself.

Day 12 neither of us can remember what I received. Another mystery – though this one I’m less sure of solving…

Day 13 brought more decorations for our tree (courtesy of my boyfriend, Ikea), as well as a few for around the house. We’ve pretty much ran out of room on the tree by now – next year we’ll have to get two!

Day 14 was a fun one. We’d been talking lately about getting out to see the Second City show – Something Wicked Awesome This Way Comes. I thought it was just one of those things we talked about, but that morning were two promised tickets for us!

We went to see the show and on a great Date Night, which we’ll post later. The show was fantastic and very funny – we def recommend.

Day 15 was sort of a bust. That morning I had to be at work for an interview at 6:30 a.m. – so there was no way we were getting to the advent that morning. Over dinner I found out that He had bought himself a bunch of soap that day (and without using my Optimum card – not impressed. It was even 10 times the points!). Well, turns out we should have opened the advent that morning – He got soap.

Day 16 – today! Finally! I received a mini of Smirnoff vodka, which I’m sure will nicely round out the gin I got him.


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