Alcoholic Airmiles 1 – Amsterdam Nut Brown Ale

17 Dec

Alright. He here. This is the first of what I hope is going to be a recurring series of posts: Alcoholic Air miles.

As some of you may or may not know, the LCBO is the Crown corporation that sells beer, wine and spirits in Ontario. If you want to buy wine or hard liquor in a retail setting in our province, this is where you have to go. Despite its monopolistic stranglehold on the imbiber segment of Ontario, they provide air miles to their customers.  Some products have bonus air miles attached to them. So, not only are you getting some alcohol to take home and drink, but you also have just pocketed 1/10,000th of a trip to Cuba for doing what you’d be doing anyways: getting drunk.

For this series, I will be buying a product from the LCBO that comes with bonus air miles, drinking it and then publishing my thoughts on the experience. So, without further ado, here is the first of these posts.

The Amsterdam Brewing Company first opened its doors in Toronto in 1986.  As of now, they brew 9 different beers.  The funniest of which is of course the Amsterdam Nut Brown Ale.

Available for $2.5o a tall boy, this delicious, yet hilariously named beer is described on Amsterdam’s web site as:

“The object of desire, Amsterdam Nut Brown Ale is crisp yet subtle in character. A classic British-style brown ale brewed with a blend of Canadian and European malts (including chocolate malt from Belgium), this traditional deep chestnut coloured ale exudes a bold and attractive taste. Brewed with English Ale yeast and balanced by four varieties of continental hops, our Nut Brown Ale delivers an uncommon smoothness and distinct drink-ability.”

By smoothness, I think the writer means it goes down like a lager.  Unlike other brown ales, the Nut Brown isn’t heavy in the least.  Which isn’t my favourite, but is forgivable, and probably preferable to some.

To go along further on the “ale that thinks it’s a lager” path, I found the Nut Brown to have a pleasantly bitter taste, with a bit of carbonation that reminded me of lager.  There was a bit of smokiness to the taste.  Nowhere near as much as a porter ale (which sometimes can taste like someone ashed a whole cigarette into it), but the hints of a regular Captain Black were certainly there.

The beer is very dark in colour.  Colour isn’t something I care much about in a beer, but I will admit that the Amsterdam Nut Brown Ale is a very pretty hue of brown. A nutty brown, to be precise.

Overall, I recommend picking the Amsterdam Nut Brown Ale (especially during the month of December, 1 bonus air mile!!1!).  Before this brew, I don’t think that I particularly cared for any of the Amsterdam beers that I had tried.  Now I have a reason to take Her down to the Amsterdam brewery on a date night.

Overall, I give the Nut Brown Ale a thumbs up:

Cost $2.50
Bonus Aimiles 1
ML 473
Airmiles/$ 0.4
ML/$ 200

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