Christmas Time Is Almost Here!

23 Dec

December has definitely got to be one of, if not the, craziest months. There are a million things to do.

One thing is packing up the presents to take home – and sometimes in the process, you find two little tiny gift bags JUST FOR YOU! He was totally sneaky and I didn’t know they were there beneath the pile of presents. But I see them now, and I cannot wait to open them in just two mornings times.

In case we didn’t mention before, He is spending Christmas with my family this year – a first. I’m incredibly excited, not just because we get to spend this holiday together, but also because I think Christmas at my house is the best. I love our traditions, I love our decorations, and as an only child, I’m pretty pumped to spend the morning with someone who is under the age of 40.

What it does mean though, is a blending of holiday traditions – something I don’t know if I’m ready for.

Her Traditions:

  • Watching A Christmas Story (aka best movie of all time) and the Alastair Sim version of A Christmas Carol on Christmas Eve (although apparently that’s not doable this year, as we own A Christmas Carol on VHS only and my parents broke the VCR)
  • Waking up to tea and biscuits – no breakfast until those presents are toast baby!
  • Never uttering that Santa Claus *may* not be real. It pays to be a believer

His Traditions:

  • Waking up, stockings, breakfast, THEN presents (I know, I know – how can you eat when there are presents?!)
  • The first one to find the Christmas Pickle on the tree wins a prize from Dad

Actually, that Christmas Pickle idea I could totally get behind. Last year His Dad forgot to put it out, and He found it where it’s kept and earned $20! He’s the reigning 3 Time Christmas Pickle Champion – but not this year.

We’ll be skyping in after my families Christmas to open our presents from His side with them online.

Christmas! Yeah yeah!


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