Alcoholic Air Miles 2 – Alexander Keith’s Red Amber Ale

24 Dec

Alcoholic Air Miles is a segment where He buys a bonus air mile beverage from the LCBO (the liquor store in Ontario), drinks it, reviews it and then performs a cost-benefit analysis.

In this, the second edition of Alcoholic Air Miles, I have picked up another tall boy from the LCBO that includes 1 bonus Air Mile for the entire month of December: Alexander Keith’s Red Amber Ale.

I first encountered Keith’s Red in the Maritimes. Keith’s, being a brewery based out of Halifax, Nova Scotia, unveiled the newer brews under the Alexander Keith’s label a few years earlier in their neck of the woods than in Upper Canada. That was always funny to me when people in Ontario got really excited about the new Keith’s brands that weren’t actually all that new. After that short detour down Memory’s lane, on to the beer drinking.

Although the beer should seemingly match up with Rickard’s Red, I don’t really like it as much. There was just something uninspired about the Keith’s Red that I drank. It was like the guy who got dragged to the party against his will and is putting forth a modest effort to seem like he’s having a good time and actually likes the other people at the party. Uninspired. When I drink a red beer, I want it to feel like I’m listening to a church choir that’s singing that song from the trailer of every action heavy Hollywood movie released in the last ten years. This wasn’t even like listening to a moderately funny (and moderately accurate) portrayal of a fish catching, Keith’s guzzling marketing piece with marvelous sideburns from a few pitches ago.* This wasn’t close to my least favourite beer ever, it was just blah.

*-Yes, I do know what he was arrested for.

Anyways, it’s an alright beer to get if you’re going to get the bonus air mile with it, but that’s about it. I wouldn’t even say that the volume-to-price ratio is all that good as it comes in one of those domestic, 473mL cans instead of the imported, 500mL (50cL) tallboys. Why’s there even a difference? And while we’re on the subject, why are domestic bottles 341mL whereas imports are 330mL (33cL)? I guess it’s just one of the great two beer questions. Feel free to let me know your thoughts on the matter via twitter or the through comments below.

Overall, I give Keith’s Red a neutral thumb.

Cost $2.25
Bonus Aimiles 1
ML 473
Airmiles/$ 0.44
ML/$ 210.22

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