The Last of 2010

2 Jan

We’ve taken a blogging hiatus over the holidays, and for that, we don’t apologize. It’s been great trying to spend as little time on the internet as possible (though still on the computer – how else would we play Diablo dummies?). We haven’t done very much either, which has been fantastic.

Christmas was fantastic. It all went very well, with only about four “when’s the wedding” kind of comments. Not bad!

Christmas morning we woke up to the most presents we’ve ever had. Granted, there were five of us there, but still. It was great.

We both did very well for ourselves. We got a lot of gifts “for the house,” but still walked away with a great haul. Some stand out gifts were a book of Andy Griffith trivia, Penguin classics books, an Asian food dish set, new blender, and new firelogs! The Olds were also pleased – Dad really liked the Montreal Canadians toque I gave him and Mom loved her Dove Spa gift certificate. Grandma cried when He gave her the book on the Navy.

Christmas at home passed all too quickly. It didn’t help that I had to drive into the city to work on Boxing Day, but that went well regardless, and didn’t take long! It was successful at least, so I’m happy!

We passed the rest of the break there without too much notice. We drove to see my BFF and her BF and had a great dinner with them. Her man is a Mennonite and for dinner we ate moose that he and a friend had killed. Very cool. It was also extremely delicious. For dessert she made us this crazy contraption in wine glasses – whipped cream, chocolate pudding, bananas, raspberries and Smarties on top! It was awesome.

My Olds had friends over the next night, who have a son in grade 12 and then a 5 year old. He and I took the 5 year old up to play with the Wii Fit my mom got, and it was really cute. He at first sat really far away from Him on the couch, but then by the end was pressed up right next to Him – adorable. The older son brought his guitar and amp and played for us – he’s quite good. My mom convinced me (along with Queen Elizabeth’s help [that reference doesn’t go over as well as the American money]) to sing Sweet Child O’ Mine while he played. I never did receive the cash though…

We came back to the city and basically lazed around. We did get ourselves down to Queen Street one afternoon though, hunting for records and making a few Christmas returns. We stopped into a few pawn shops as well – one of my gifts from Him was some money to a) a vacation this year b) jewelry c) student loans. No luck though, and I think I’m going to go with the vacation!

Hopefully everyone had a great holiday and break doing whatever they like best. More to come about New Year’s Eve !


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