Money Money Money

3 Jan

We’ve decided we need more money.

He was reading an article today by Krystal Yee called “How I hope to give myself a $25,000 raise.”

After forwarding it to me, it got us both thinking.

Basically, Yee talks about finding additional ways to make money and increase her income, on top of her full-time job. We think it’s a great concept.

At this point in our lives, we definitely need the benjamins. I have student loans, we want to buy a house within the new few years, take a great vacation, and of course, eat (and shop). While we both have well-paying full-time jobs, we’re definitely interested in increasing our income wherever we can.

We came home tonight and discussed ways for us to rake in the dough. I already babysit, on average, about once a week, so that’s a good start. I also receive bonuses from work, while He earns overtime (something I can’t do). We figure we’ll have a garage sale in the spring, and work on selling some of our belongings we don’t really need – we currently have two TV’s, two microwaves, two blenders, two printers, and five cameras. Not only will be make some moolah, but we’ll also free up a lot of space hopefully.

With our calculations, we’re hoping to earn an additional $7,000 each this year. It’s extremely ambitious, but hopefully doable. It’s no good making a goal that we can easily accomplish.

I would encourage anyone reading this to take a quick glance at Yee’s article, and her blog as well – “Give me back my five bucks.” She’s got some good tips, and it definitely inspired us to start saving!


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