50 Day Challenge + Grown-Up Parties

9 Jan

50 Day Challenge

In honour of one of my dear friend’s 30 Day Yoga Challenge, we have decided to start our own fitness challenge leading up to our vacation.

The 30 Day Challenge was a bit of a bust for me personally. Our group got together at work and a chart was created – every day you did physical activity for more than 30 minutes, you got a sticker on the chart.

I got one sticker.

For babysitting.

Lifting kids up and down all night is hard work, okay?!

Anyway, it didn’t quite work out for me. But, one day into the challenge for Him and I to complete, I’m already tied with my old score! I’d say that’s progress.

We realized with our vacation coming up and our goal to have the most bitchin’ bods on the beach, we’d better stop mowing chips and start with the sit-ups. Day 2 is today, and we’ve done nothing – but we’re on it.

In addition to our work-out yesterday, we also braved about 68 inches of snow and walked to Forest Hill to buy me a new Penguin Classics series book at Type Books. Man, Type is the best (the one on Spadina, not Queen. Queen Type staff are disinterested in their customers and extremely unhelpful – at least every time I’ve been in. Spadina Type, in contrast, are amazing – I called yesterday to see if they had any more Penguin’s in, and not only did the girl add a few to her order, she called me to confirm which ones she could get and had even added one to the order I didn’t know existed).

Grown Up Parties

After drinks at a friend’s place last night, we headed over to King West for a party. Not just an ordinary party though – the kind of party where sure, you know the people hosting and a lot of the guests, but you’re not best friends with them, you’ve never gone shopping together, and you’re a little nervous.

And it was awesome.

Hosted by two friends of mine (He knew people at the shin ding, but definitely less so than me), it was at an amazing apartment that was very industrial looking and filled with funny and beautiful pieces all found at rummage sales. Note to us: hit up more rummage sales. It was a blast – filled with many friends of mine that I knew from university, but who were a few years older than myself, and definitely intimidating in that “they know what they want, they’re so funny and self-assured” way. I felt a little out of place when we were on our way – would we be the odd ones out? Would it seem awkward that we were there?

As paranoid as I can get, I really could have dropped these worries. We arrived to people shouting our name and who seemed genuinely pleased to see us. We had great convo’s all night with people we both knew and didn’t know, and we peaced out before over staying our welcome.

I’m still finding it a bit hard to put into words, but we think it was so awesome for us because it was a grown up party. We could ask people about their jobs knowing that they weren’t jobs, they were more careers, and that the person most likely had one. We could ask about what neighborhood they lived in. More than one person asked about our dear rat Phyllis (RIP), and offered kind words after hearing of her passing. The host offered us shots. No one was super drunk, no one was falling down, and you didn’t have to wait in a line to pee.

And the music – the music was loud enough for break-out dance routines, but quiet enough for convo’s. Fab.

Now, we’re still definitely fans of the outrageous parties, not that we attend many, but they certainly have their place. But it was nice to hang out with people who we felt were at a similar life stage. It was refreshing and different.

This certainly isn’t to diss any of our friends who are still in school, live with their parents or roomates, or are single and ready to mingle – not at all. We’re just riding high on the joy that comes with hanging with a new crowd and talking about different things – always a bit refreshing, no matter how you slice it.

It’s definitely encouraged us not to hang out with our regular (and great) friends less, but to cast our social net a little wider and make sure we hang with all kinds of people, ‘cus if we don’t, we’re the ones missing out.


One Response to “50 Day Challenge + Grown-Up Parties”

  1. Michelle Dias January 10, 2011 at 1:28 pm #

    Congratulations you are old!

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