Countdowns Are The Best

10 Jan

Countdowns are great. Not only do (most) countdowns lead up to some wonderful and fabulous event, but the waiting is pretty awesome too.

Those who know me might think I’m not one to enjoy waiting – and in some ways, I don’t. I’m a fan of the here and now. But when it’s something amazing and fun, like Christmas morning, my birthday, a great party, the waiting can be half the fun.

Especially when it’s vacation!

With our vacation coming up, He and I have embarked on our 50 Day Challenge. Today is currently day 3, and we’re still on track!

We’ve been doing regular workouts at home, taking the stairs, and trying to go on more walks. Tonight I went over to a friend’s house and we did our workout together, followed by an evening swim and a few laps in the pool, then a(n ironic) cool down in the steam room in her condo. It was awesome.

And I’ve already quadrupled my sticker count from my last 30 Day Challenge!


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