Movie Review: The King’s Speech

10 Jan

Friday night I went to see The King’s Speech with a few friends from work. Wow. What a film. I know it’s probably going to be nominated for about a squillion awards, but it’s definitely deserving of a few of them.

Even though it makes me a bit more like His mother than I’d like (kidding Mrs. Him!), I’m a big fan of the monarchy stuff. I like The Other Boleyn Girl and the other Phillipa Gregory novels, I like learning the history of the British monarchy.

This film provides all that jazz, plus Colin Firth.

It tells the story of King George VI of England and his ascension to the throne. In case you’re not familiar with the Wikipedia entry, the King had a stammer and this prevented him from feeling confident in his ability to be king. He begins to see speech therapist Lionel Logue and after many he-quits-he-returns-he-quits-he-returns moments, voila, everything is fab.

Colin Firth is getting a lot of critical acclaim for this movie – and well he should. He portrays the King and his stutter in a way that’s not over the top, is very endearing, and definitely shows the skill of his acting.

But I think the supporting characters in this movie is where the money really is. Helena Bonham Carter, as Queen Elizabeth, really exhibits the great talent of being a superb actor that isn’t meant to be the star. She’s quietly in the background, supporting, but never over-shining. As an actress who as of late is more known for her crazy roles (Fight Club, Harry Potter, the Tim Burton collabs), it was nice to see her in something calmer, more like her earlier work, and honestly, at some points, I forgot who I was watching, which I think is definitely the mark of a talented actor.

Geoffrey Rush is another stand-out performance. His portrayal of Lionel Logue is where a lot of the comedy comes in, sure, but it’s also the most heart-warming stuff I think. A few of those scenes could definitely have started the waterworks in the movie theatre, if it wasn’t for my friend next to me making hilarious comments (quite loudly) throughout the movie. Thanks for helping me avoid embarassing movie tears Michelle!

Definitely a film to go see, and one I wouldn’t mind seeing again, if you’d like to take me. If you can see it with an audience of 50 year old women – do it. Their gasps, laughs, and credit claps alone make it all worth while.


One Response to “Movie Review: The King’s Speech”

  1. Michelle Dias January 10, 2011 at 1:25 pm #

    Great movie! My parents tried to see it on Saturday but it was sold out!!! yes I love SCREAMING in movies!

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