She Does The City Contest – BAM!

11 Jan

Hey all,

Wanted to let any readers of this know about She Does The City’s new reality show – BAM!

I’m not using this as self-promo (but if I did, would I have to bill myself?). I’m too much sleep, not enough party for that. But I am using it to promote my friend – Hallae K.

She’s made it to the top 4 girls, which means she’ll be posting a video every Thursday for 4 weeks on the She Does The City site. Their final prize is a Kodak camera I believe, as well as $1,000. Not too shabby. Plus, it’s probably an insane amount of fun.

I probably also owe her some props since she used some Queen’s Players footage in her film, and if it wasn’t for Him, I would totally be dating Players.

As a former reality show winner,* I’m pretty jealous of her getting to showcase her ass all over the city.

Anyways – vote for her (or the other girls, but mostly just Hallae)! At the very least, check out the show.

Hallae as the Exorcist Chick, Her as Carrie

*Last February I was selected to be a participant on the Humber Lakeshore Campus reality show – Big Brother Humber Edition**. Another girl from my class was also selected to be on the show, and we were video taped for 24 hours, depending on how long we lasted. We had to endure challenges like a jump rope competition, escaping from a mummy-style saran wrap outfit, Pictionary, etc. We actually made it to the top 2 through only some minor deceit (okay, one guy called me a bitch and said he could never be my friend. What a baby.) and our entire class came out to vote for us. She came in 2nd, winning a sweet reading week vacation, and I came in 1st, winning myself $1,000.

**I should also point out that the video footage was streamed live, and that He stayed up almost all night watching us, and woke up at 7 a.m. the next morning to keep watching. Not only that, but He took notes on the other contestants confessions so I could know what they said later. Please email Him for His address in order to send Him the Best BF Of The Year Award. Cash preferred.


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