St. Clair Streetcar Art

12 Jan

Finally! The media Gods have answered our recent prayers.

During our travels along the St. Clair streetcar line, we’ve been curious about the recent art installations that have been popping up one by one. There’s the giant red squiggle, the metallic fish, the comic book stuff, and many more.

Using the social media tools avail to us, we tweeted at BlogTo, and lo and behold, Rick McGinnis has answered our inquisitive prayers.

According to the BlogTO article that came out yesterday, and was subsequently picked up by T.O. Night, the various additions to the bus and streetcar stops total 24, and is a public art project run by Rina Greer, funded by the TTC.

In light of the recent delays/fare hikes/fare un-hikes, this makes me like the TTC a whole lot more.

Once the weather warms up, He and I will be traveling along the St. Clair line from Yonge to Gunn’s Loop and photographing all of the various installations, which we’ll then post here.

In the meantime, the page (and this one and this one) is well worth checking out!


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