Bringing Us Back Home

15 Jan

Seems like Mother Nature knew we would be stuck in Toronto this winter.

With Him spending His formative years in New Brunswick winters, and me spending all my life growing up where the snow is piled up higher than me (and other, average height-ed people), we weren’t expecting much this year in Toronto.

We also spent out university time in Kingston, which, with Lake Ontario by her side, can also boast an impressive snow fall and several mornings where the wind off the lake is enough to keep you warmly stationed inside your dorm room, drinking tea and watching the squall from safe inside your room.

But this year, our first together in Toronto, Mother Nature did us a favour. Perhaps knowing that He wouldn’t get to travel to the East coast at all, and my time home would also be restrained, she decided to bring our past winters to us.

I’m sure I owe lots of you apologies for this, as many people are less than impressed with the inches upon inches of snow we’ve been receiving. And sure, there are moments when I wish it would disappear so I could feel eager to head out in the evening, instead of choosing to read by the fire and watch the white snowflakes against the dark sky. And okay, yes, I would like it to stay daylight past 5:00 p.m.

But I love the snow. I love that we get changing seasons in Canada, that we can have scorching summers and weather like this, all in the same year. I’m not normally a fan of change, but I could never imagine living somewhere permanently where there is only one season all year round. It’s always something to look forward to – in the winter, we yearn for sunny days and warm air kissing our skin, in the the late September weeks, we begin to think about the holidays and become eager for that first real snowfall.

As a fair lover of the winter months Himself, His first Christmas gift to me was actually snow (though I doubt He remembers).

So thanks Nature – for forcing us all to sit today out, grab a cup of tea, and enjoy what you can do.


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