Weekends That Don’t Feel Like Weekends

17 Jan

Weekends are so contradicting. They’re supposed to be your time off from work, relaxing and filled with nothing.

Not the case this weekend.

First thing on our To Do list was to donate blood. Off we trekked to the Bay & Bloor Canadian Blood Services location. We’ve mentioned this before I believe, but the Bay & Bloor location has got to be the best blood donor clinic we’ve ever been to. Comfortable, reclining chairs, tv, music… it’s almost like relaxing at home, except for the needle sticking out of your arm, obvi.

They also have the most bitchin’ snacks. There’s a Starbucks downstairs that provides them with the leftover snacks from the day before, we’re guessing, so there’s always a nice assortment of still-delicious cinnamon buns, croissants, cookies and pumpkin scones. Thirsty? Would you like apple, mango, or orange juice? Still hungry? Oh please, take a Bits N Bites for the road. Don’t mind if I do…

This was my 8th time donating blood, and His 4th. The guy sitting next to us was up to 25, and he had a special card! I’m jealous.

Normally donating blood doesn’t make me feel any different. But for whatever reason when we left the clinic, I felt extremely crappy. Our plan was to walk up to Type Books in Forest Hill, since they had three new Penguin classics in for me. We did end up walking there, but I had to rest a few times, which is a bit pathetic.

Sidebar: I have to put a good word in here again for Type Books. Every time we go in they’re super nice, and have all my books put aside for me. I actually called them when I got home to thank the woman for being so helpful trying to get me these books, etc. She said that the phone call actually made her day, and they don’t hear that very often. It’s funny how something that’s so effortless on my part can have such a great reaction in someone else. I remember from my retail/waitressing days the smallest comment like that could have such a huge effect on your day. Mental note: express thanks to these people more often.

After the Type Books trek, we had planned to go skating, but I was way too tired. We’ve put it off twice this week, I’m really hoping we get to go soon.

Did some babysitting last night for some cute kids – one was wearing these skeleton pajamas, hilarious. I wish I had skeleton pajamas.

After the sitting it was off to BeerProv!

Since BeerProv has always been on Monday nights, we haven’t really been able to go so far – so we were really looking forward to hitting the scene now that it’s on a Saturday.

BeerProv is essentially Whose Line Is It Anyways – but with drinking. Man, we were impressed. Some of these comedians were just hilarious. What I love about improv, is sometimes the worst lines and sketches turn out to be the best, just because they’re so terrible. Our friend Jim was an awesome host, and we were very impressed. We’ll definitely be back next time it’s on, and we think you should go too!


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