Growin’ Up

21 Jan

As you may have noticed, one of our themes here on hishersandtheirs is the idea of growing up and becoming incredibly sophisticated. Which is why an article in last Thursday’s Eye Weekly appealed immensely to us:

Ditch Your Resolutions – Just be better!
A late-bloomers’ guide to becoming a responsible adult

This relates a lot to an idea I had for a class to be offered at universities and colleges on how to be a grown-up. I always thought it would be cool to teach kids life skills they otherwise might not pick up; how to do taxes, laundry, prepare a meal. How to spot inconsistencies in your utilities bill and tips on how to buy a car. Stuff like that. This article embodies that class awesomely.

There are a lot of useful things mentioned, but we’ll be relatively brief and capture our faves.

How-to: be a better dinner guest

With our own Dinner Party coming up in early February, we hope our guests take note. It’s pretty simple shiz – you know, show up, bring something, don’t be late, say thank you. It’s not surprising how little these things actually happen. When you know the work that goes into making sure food will all be ready at the same time, there’ll be enough of it, cleaning up before and after – it’s the least you can do to get there on time and say thanks.

How-to: unclog a sink naturally

I’m putting this in more for Him to read. As a girl with a curly head of hair – a lot of curly hair, it falls out all the time. And yes I still have way more than Him. Hey-o! But seriously folks, we go through Liquid Plumber like every two months in this household. I realize that involves our shower, not our sink drain, but hey – it’s all plumbing, right?

Anyways, Eye reco’s throwing 1/4 cup baking soda down the drain. Done. Chase with a cup of warm vinegar. It’s like you’re making a volcano for school! A hairy-ass volcano. Step 3 – cover the hole and wait 15 minutes. Man, not only will this work, it sounds really fun. Maybe you could even add some food colouring and make it look sweet-ass. Science is cool.

How to: drink up

Awesome. We’ve already started this route ourselves. Gone are the days of Smirnoff Ice (except when getting Iced, obvi), and here are the days of expensive scotch (with the bottle in the shape of a soccer cleat no less!) and tequila sunrises. I fully support this article other than for its advice to ditch the Baby Duck. Do not mess with the Baby Duck

So grow up – and don’t forget to send a thank-you note.


2 Responses to “Growin’ Up”

  1. Lynn January 21, 2011 at 7:10 pm #

    Being grown-up is highly overrated. I’m glad to see you’re keeping the children in you alive and happy, albeit drunk – that’s a great pic 🙂

    • Him & Her January 21, 2011 at 11:22 pm #

      I only aim to have the youthful spirit you bring with you everyday Lynn!

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