Alcoholic Air Miles 5 – Farnese Sangiovese etc.

23 Jan

Alcoholic Air Miles is a recurring segment on His, Hers and Theirs. It delves into the secret world of picking up bonus Air Miles from regular, everyday purchases from the Liquor Control Board of Ontario (“LCBO”) stores.  Every month, the LCBO changes which items receive bonus Air Miles and He tries to keep you on top of those changes.  These are His stories…

Welcome back for more you Wino.  Get ready for…

On Thursday of this week, I went to the new LCBO in the PATH at Bay and Front in Toronto.  This is the new GO Bot LCBO, as it has replaced that tiny (and terrible) one that used to be in the lower level of Union Station.  It’s actually a pretty decent booze store.  Enough vintages to satisfy the executives who are on their way home to Oakville, yet enough of a selection to appease us common underlings who can’t justify spending more than $15 on a bottle of red. And usually that’s actually $15 for TWO bottles of red.

Anyways, I picked up a bottle of the Farnese Sangionevese Daunia Indicazione Geografica Tipica.  Fuck.  That’s actually what it’s called.  It’s from Italy and it contains sulphites, that’s about all I can garner from the label.  Seriously, what the hell am I drinking??  What is a sangiovese??

Actually, I don’t really care what kind of RED* wine it is, because I am certain that I like it.  Despite it’s low price, this is a pretty decent wine.  It’s got a subtle taste, maybe a bit too underwhelming, but nonetheless a very good value wine IMHO.  And with 3 bonus Air Miles, that trip to Ortona (the origin of this wine) just got that much closer…

* – yes, I’m certain that it’s a red.

Anyways, good buy for wine and don’t forget to check out the new LCBO location that I mentioned above.  It’s a beauty.

Cost $7.40
Bonus Air miles 3
ML 750
Airmiles/$ 0.41
ML/$ 101.35

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