Sunday Dinner: Erotic Steaks & Mashed Potatoes

24 Jan

Sunday Dinner. The meal where you break out the big boys and get down and dirty. Where you use the strainer instead of just kind of pouring out the water while using the spoon to prevent macaroni falling everywhere. Where you cut the potatoes on a cutting board, instead of just on the counter like normal. Where you use the garlic press – just because you can.

He and I usually make pretty decent dinners throughout the week, but Sunday is when we like to make something that takes a little more grunt work. Usually we’ve just gone shopping and buy something awesome (and on sale) to make, but since Sunday was ass-cold, we decided to rough it and use what we had.

Luckily, we had a giant steak from the St. Lawrence Market, where we went yesterday afternoon with my Olds. Seriously, this mother was as big as my face.

While I’m more into “experimental” cooking, He is big on cookbooks, especially one His mother gave us called “Quickies,” from Chatelaine or something. There was a recipe in there he tried awhile ago called “Lusty Steaks.” I, too was pretty excited about it, until I realized it called for Roquefort Cheese. Actually, I was still fine at that point – when I said no dice was when he brought the cheese home and I realized it was one of those gross moldy cheeses. I really don’t understand why people eat stuff that on any other food (and definitely still on cheese) you throw away. Anyway.

With it being way too cold to BBQ, he conceded to let me cook his man meat inside, which meant cooking it my way. Score! I enjoy experimenting with meat, and decided to try my own variation of Lusty Steaks – Erotic Steaks. A little garlic powder, oregano, bread crumbs, worcestershire sauce, parsley, salt, ground pepper, and to top it all off, a little two-year-old aged cheddar cheese. Perfect.

Just realized that the cheese looks like butter in this photo – probably also super delicious.

While I was working on the steak, He was preparing his vegetables. Since I like very few things that grow, according to my colleague Michelle anyway, we have to cook these separately so that no vitamins or healthy mineral stuff will touch my food. However, He did a great job chopping vegetables, and henceforth deserves his due:

So that I wouldn’t be stuck eating about 3 pounds of pure beef, I also fired up some mashed potatoes. Actually, because the steak was about 5 inches thick, we just boiled potatoes in water for a realllly long time while the steak cooked. I felt like I was in 19th century Ireland.

Anyways, after about 3 days, the meat thermometer finally said that we wouldn’t die if we ate the steak. So we finished up the mashed potatoes and threw them in to broil in the oven to obtain that crispy top flavour that The Keg does so nicely on their twice-baked potatoes.

All in all, this meal gets an A+. The sexual innuendos I’ve thrown in receive an B .

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