Music at Work – Mother Mother

28 Jan

One thing that She and I both agree on is that work is made much more enjoyable when you have some music to listen to.  Luckily, we both work jobs where listening to music on headphones, while plugging away on your laptop, isn’t frowned upon.

So there has been some time spent at my workplace looking for for good music to listen to on the internet.  Personally, I prefer to listen to whole albums.  However, this can make it difficult when trying to find something to listen to.  Most well known bands only put a few songs on their myspace pages, oftentimes only as samples of their songs.

Luckily, through the ease of information sharing since the advent of internet, many artists that are trying to get their sound heard by as many ears as possible share their whole albums online.  I will try to uncover a few of these on this blog in a segment titled: Music at Work.

First up, is a band that I only found out about in the fall.  She was promoting a concert through work.  The headliner of that show was a band from Vancouver called Mother Mother.  Before going to the show I managed to find both of their albums online and in their entirety on their Soundcloud page.  Both albums are there along with a new single from their forthcoming album.  The music player plays really well and even goes seamlessly from their first album (Touch Up) to their second (O My Heart) without any user interference necessary.

After listening to them live, I was just dumbfounded as to what genre of music I would categorize them as. Really.  The best I can do is indie rock.  The lead singer sings very well and is backed up by two talented females.  They just seem to rock out, in a very, very good way. They’ve got an interesting and infectious sound and I can’t think of more than one song that I don’t care for out of all of the tracks from both albums.

Anyways, give them a listen at work and, if you like what you hear, try to see them live when they come to a town near you.  After all, that’s the reason why these bands upload their entire albums online, isn’t it?

If you have any suggestions for future music that can be featured in Music at Work, leave a comment or send me a tweet (@mulliganl).  Remember, I like full albums for my music at work.

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