Someplace Hot Starting With “C”: CUBA!

30 Jan

Oh, dear readers of this blog, you may now sleep easy at night, resume your regular eating habits and stop gnawing those fingernails… we have found a vacation.

That’s right – we’re off to Cuba! We’ve been waiting not-very-patiently for some time now, checking travel sites on the regular, and Friday – we found it.

Of course, nothing is as easy as it looks. Friday, He called me at work and said he had found the perfect deal – the resort we wanted, the price we wanted (under $800), the only hitch was it was a week sooner than we anticipated. Well, we decided to give it a shot! I called the travel agent and off we went.

Then she called me back.

Yeah, as soon as she entered in our info, the price jumped by about $400. Awesome! But were we interested in leaving the day before, for only $60 more than we originally planned? Yes. Yes we were.

Plus – it will be Valentine’s Day. SUPER ROMANTIC.

Although some things aren’t as we originally planned (as of this moment, it’s just the two of us, rather than a few friends, which is less than ideal), we’re pretty pumped. We’ve been checking out websites and travel reviews, and also Google-imaging a lot of pictures. As this is our first vacation down south – any and all travel tips are more than welcome!

Last night we had a raucous evening of beer and Scattergories. Man, those two things are fantastic. My BFF was up with her BF and a few other friends dropped by as well. It was my BFF’s birthday a few weeks ago, so we decided to celebrate with a night in.

Shit got crazy – I haven’t laughed that hard in a little while. The BFF’s BF at one point got the letter mixed up, so the entire round we were all answering with our “A” words, but his were all “C”. Hilarious, I know! People had some good answers, and some terrible answers. I only like terrible answers when they’re funny, and I’m a very harsh critic. Unfortunately, it was all directed to one dude.  But honestly, if you can’t take the heat, then put down some answers that actually make sense. Mad Men is not an office item.

When the stragglers were heading home, He the the BFF’s BF headed to a local pub instead. Inaccurately titled “Wise Guys,” this encouraged the BFF’s BF to wear straw hats straight from hipster street to this mangy pub. I’m surprised the boys came home with all their teeth.

Excellent night all in all though. Culminating in this morning trying to decide on breakfast items that begin with the letter “P”?



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