Analysis: January’s Hits & Misses

31 Jan

Today is the last day of the month – a great time to look back on all we’ve accomplished these past few weeks and how great we are and blah blah blah shit.

Nah. We’re gonna look at what’s really important: how much cash we brought in and how bitchin we look in our bathing suits.

In the beginning of January, we made a goal to each make $7,000 in additional income over the year. This means that each month we need to earn an additional $583.33 each. Pretty lofty, all things considered.

Well, we’ve exceeded our target for the month, which is killer. I don’t think every month will be like this, since I’ve been babysitting a lot, and we did receive our GST refunds, but it’s nice to think they’ll all be like this. If we manage to keep this rate up (doubtful), we’ll actually earn our goal by September. At the very least, it’s nice to know we’ve already paid for about half of our vacation next month with our additional income.

Now for the fitness challenge we set ourselves.

I’m proud to say that financially, I earned more extra money this month than He did. I had to spend more hours doing it, so my efficiency wasn’t as great (am I using that term right, oh economist boyfriend?), but still. I won. The fitness challenge is… a bit of a different story.

I lost. In fact, I’ve been sucking. He’s been devotedly working out everyday without fail – and you can actually see the results. I, however, started out strong – even earning two stickers on one day! Then I missed a day. And another day. I vowed to make it up the next… but then I didn’t feel like it. And that’s why our chart now looks like this:


The moral of this story is… would you rather: a) have muscles or b) be able to buy yourselves all the muscles you could ever want?


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