Go To: Monday Night’s Hottest Party

1 Feb

It’s Monday night, and that can only mean one of two things:

1) Your work week is just beginning, you’re dead tired already, and you had to eat that box of Hamburger Helper in your cupboard (without beef) because you forgot to go grocery shopping

2) You’re looking for the hottest party west of Queen West.

Either way, you’re hungry. Hungry for a thrill, for good times, good music, and probably some chips.

Have we got the fix for you.


Enter Poppin’ Chips, where you’ll get all that and more, for free.

Spun every Monday by our good friend Fred, it’s a pretty happening time, especially for a Monday. He’ll play you some fine beats, and if it’s your birthday, might even buy you a shot and play you some Birthday by The Beatles – your fave family tradition that how-could-he-know-that.

The best part? It’s not the cheap drinks, the free cover, or even those corkscrew blond curls sported by none other than Poppin’ Fresh himself.

It’s the free chips.

I know!

It’s totally true though. Every time we go there is a vast assortment of everything your soon-to-be-clogged arteries desires. Salted, unsalted, bbq, Smart Food, dill pickle. And don’t forget the All Dressed.

So head on down to your neighborhood Czehoski’s one balmy Monday night. It may be cold outside, but it’s super hot with Poppin’ Fresh.

Check out his latest mix here.


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