What Not To Wear? Everything

3 Feb

Got a bitching party to attend, but don’t know what to wear?


Me neither.


He and I were lucky enough to win tickets tonight through Urbane Bloc to the LCBO Cocktails event. going on at The Carlu. And when I say “He and I” – I definitely mean me. But as with any party, especially one that’s themed – what to wear?

Clearly, the dress above does not reside in my closet. Nor does that hair-do, unfortunately. Though the booze can definitely be found here.

I’m going through my closet trying to find even a single thing to wear – why oh why do I not still own a tickle trunk? He’s got it easy – a suit and a skinny tie, both of which are heavily in fashion right now.

Me on the other hand?

I need help…


2 Responses to “What Not To Wear? Everything”

  1. Kirsten February 3, 2011 at 12:41 pm #

    Hmm what about the dress you wore to our wedding? Or a nice flowy top with leggings and boots? Also if you’re in the mood to critique others (or get inspiration) check out http://www.gotryiton.com. Ultimate people watching but you get to pass judgment!


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