Dinner Party III: The Triforce

5 Feb

Last night was our third dinner party (maybe fourth?) and it went off, surprisingly, without a hitch.

Originally it was planned for tonight, but since for secret secret reasons we’re traveling to a secret secret location tonight for a secret secret event (read on tomorrow), we moved it to last night.

Which would have been totes fine – other than the fact that work has been caarazzzy this week and I’ve been staying late every night or working from home.

Right before I finished work, I was also asked to run and grab 50 bags of candy for something going on Monday. The pro side of this was that I got to take a cab home. The con side of this was that 50 bags of candy is damn heavy! And it’s sitting in my house. Luckily, I’m just as picky with my candy as I am with my veg, so I won’t eat it all.

He and I booted it home and prepared – cleaning madly, starting the appetizers, and OMG fIgUrInG oUt WhAt To WeAr!!1

It was great though. A friend from my work, a friend from His work, and a friend from university – small, but sweet. The food was pretty awesome, and we even remembered to cook the corn this time! A huge plus.

After dinner we played Apples to Apples – man, that game can get serious! One guy and I had some serious debates going on between what was more profound – Abe Lincoln or recycling. But seriously, that’s no debate! Abe Lincoln changed the States – recycling can change the world…



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