The First of (Hopefully) Many – The Proposal

7 Feb

Well, the secret secret is out!

Two of our good friends from Queen’s Players show did the deed – no, not that deed (though they did 4 years ago, resulting in the cutest and first Players baby ever…). They got ENGAGED!

If you know me, I love weddings. I love, love, love weddings. And this will probably be a bitchin’ one.

He set her up on a scavenger hunt of all her favorite Kingston haunts – where they first met at Players auditions, her house, where they lived when they first had the babe, the QP, all kinds of great things. He even incorporated snacks – it was clearly the best proposal of all time.

I also loved that he incorporated her BFF into the whole thing. Ever since I first saw this episode of Scrubs back in highschool, I wanted my BFF to run around with with sparklers when I was proposed to.

Isn’t that the best?

We arrived alive in Kingston, but just barely. Sneariously, the snow was insane! We were crawling on the highway and I saw about seven cars pulled over to the side of the road. It was very difficult because I am a nervous passenger, but also had to pee. I couldn’t decide if I wanted her to drive faster or slower…

We did make it though, and met up with His BFF for some chinese good – a great choice. Then it was off to Time to Laugh, a comedy club where our shows are put on. The manager is amazing and had given us the run of the place.

I would like to take this moment to describe how awesome it is to have a bar to yourselves. No coat check, no need to worry about leaving your expensive camera or wallet lying about. You’re among friends – it was the best.

The Players band played and put on a good show for us, and there was some mad dancing. On the way home we also saw several really funny downtown Kingston regulars, doing their thing… a guy passed out on the sidewalk by Pizza Pizza with his fly down, having an ambulance come get him… a guy swearing and chasing a taxi down Princess Street… it’s reasons like this I miss Kingston a whole heck of a lot.

A great trip overall – short, but super sweet. I hope He takes some notes!


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