Music at Work – We are the City

8 Feb

Last spring, I was at school in Kingston when a peer was frantically trying to get people from our program to go see one of her favourite bands, The Zolas.  I’d never heard of them, but didn’t have too much work to do (relatively speaking, of course) and said that I’d go if it wasn’t too much money.  Sure enough, my friend gave me a call later that afternoon and said that the show was at The Merchant and it was free.  So I went.

Now, before I go see a band, I usually check out their myspace page and listen to a few songs, just to get the gist of their music and so that I might recognize a few songs at the show.  Following my routine, I listened to The Zolas’ myspace and, to be honest, wasn’t really blown away.  I mean, it’s not that I don’t like them at all, but they’re just okay in my eyes.  So I checked out The Merchant’s website to see if there were any other bands playing.  Sure enough there was another one playing, We are the City.

To me it actually looked like We are the City were the top billing at the bar that night, I think their name was at the top of the advert.  So I went in with that mindset.  I listened to their myspace and really dug it.  There was just something that attracted me to their music, even just through the few songs that they put on their myspace.

So my roommate and I went down to meet this Zola fan friend of ours at The Merch.  Our friend had gone down a bit early with a group.  I guess they had dinner, but I think she just REALLY didn’t want to miss The Zolas, who we still thought were opening.  Anyways, We are the City went on first (to our surprise) and killed.  Well, at least in the my eyes and the eyes of my roommate.  The (very) young trio played their entire first album and the two of us were just standing almost in awe.  These guys were SO good.  Their progressive rock sound is polished, yet unique.  And all three members of the band are strong musicians who fill their individual roles in the band’s overall sound magnificently.   Their debut album (In a Quiet World) has a whimsical quality that persits from track to track.  Just great.

After their set, my roommate and I went back to the table where the other people from our program had watched the band from and were waiting for The Zolas.  Roomie and I were flabbergasted that none of them had enjoyed the show.  Like, at all.  They all thought it was crap.  In my opinion, the four of them couldn’t have been more wrong.  I’d later find out that they had recently beat out 450 other BC artists to win a $150,000 prize towards career development. So…I was right.

Anyways, my roommate went to go buy their cd and I talked to the guitarist in the band.  He thanked me for being the first person in the bar to get up and stand in front of the stage for their set.  I then tried to communicate to him how great I thought the band was, but I was bit drunk at the time and he quickly lost interest in our conversation.

They’ve got their whole first album, In a Quiet World, up on their band camp site here.  The only issue I have with this player is that there’s too long of a gap in between each track.  The album really should be listened to as a whole and this minor aggravation takes a bit away from the experience (most notably between the first and second songs).  Regardless, give it a listen and go see them if their around.  Apparently they are playing in Kingston on March 4th and in Toronto, for Canadian Music Week, on March 12th.  They’ve also got a new EP coming out on March 22nd.  All the tour dates are listed here.

Don’t miss: The whole album, it really should be listened to in its entirety.

p.s. A few months later I was having a birthday party at Her’s old apartment in Toronto and decided to play the album.  Two people separately came up to me to ask who the great band was that was on the stereo.  These two people were at that show at The Merchant.

p.p.s The Zolas were alright.


3 Responses to “Music at Work – We are the City”

  1. Kirsten February 8, 2011 at 1:58 pm #

    Wow I just sampled and downloaded their entire album (at work). Amazing! Good call

    • Him & Her February 8, 2011 at 10:03 pm #

      (Him) Glad you like them! Tweet @ me if you have any suggestions for future Music at Work articles. Must be full albums though…


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