The Dream Comes True: Red Lobster At Last

9 Feb


I love lobster. I think it’s delicious. And I’ve been really hoping for it all week long.

We had plans last evening to eat dinner with his Dad, Grandma and Bro and GF. There were rumours about going to RL. I was excited.

All day I was thinking not only about lobster, but about shrimp, steak, lemons, and that bowl of melted butter they give you. I think it’s what kept me going actually.

Then the dream became a reality. We went to Red Lobster.

I chose to have the Shrimpy Lobster Yummy Special, or whatever it was called. It came with not one, but two Lobster tails, and two different kinds of shrimp, although I’m pretty sure they were the same. I felt wonderful.

The next best part was that while ordering, none of us realized that the meals came with sides too! Mashed potatoes for me please, and a Caesar salad with dressing on the side. At first I wondered if they would just think I was a health nut, with dressing on the side, but then I realized I would probably consume a chocolate bar size of butter tonight, and that they probably don’t get a lot of health nuts in the Lobster. I just don’t like salad dressing.

After that, the best part was the biscuits. Better than Popeye’s – I kid you not. And they just kept coming! I brought three home, and everyone at work will be jealous of me today.

Now, you might think, “Hey man, this is just about food!”

Well, it’s not. His grandma also told a really funny story. Apparently an elevator at her condo/old people rich house thing had been broken, and while it was being fixed, the other one became broken! It was during dinner, so they just hustled all the ol’ folks into the bar and ploughed them with free alcohol! And then gorgeous firefighters came (her words – not mine)! Man, what a great life. The only sad (kind of funny though) part was that two old women were in the elevator while it happened. It was only for 1.5 hours, and they had had dinner, and a manager was there talking to them through the door the whole time, AND they had walkers, so they could sit down, so don’t put on your sobby hats just yet. I wanted to ask if they were wearing diapers too, but thought it would be rude, so I just ate more biscuits.

It was the best.

P.S. The Red Lobster site is actually really cool! They have an interactive chef’s kitchen, and did you know you can get lobster delivered to your house?! I think the menu for the next (pay-your-own) Dinner Party has just been decided!

It will be biscuits.


6 Responses to “The Dream Comes True: Red Lobster At Last”

  1. Lunch with Mary February 9, 2011 at 12:44 pm #

    Have you ever been to Red Lobster for lunch? It is strange. Aside – My friend has the recipe for the biscuits. I will track down for you.

    • Him & Her February 9, 2011 at 2:31 pm #

      You are the best! I will buy myself an apron just to make those biscuits – and obviously bring some in to work to share 🙂

      I haven’t ever been for lunch, but I can imagine it’s a weird place. Who wants a huge lobster for lunch, and why would you visit Red Lobster for anything else?

  2. Kirsten February 9, 2011 at 1:41 pm #

    Oh wow this post just did two things to me:
    1. Made me hungry
    2. Made me laugh out loud in the office (I’m now getting weird looks)

    Plus I love Grandma’s story!

    • Him & Her February 9, 2011 at 2:31 pm #

      I’m happy about the second point, but not the first – hope you have some granola bars stashed away there! (or biscuits, like me)


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