Guest Blog: A Single’s Insights Into Him and Her and Being Single

15 Feb

I know Her because I work with Her. I know Him because of Her. I know after having drinks with them last night that they are perfect for one another.

It’s those small nauseating feelings one can get when sitting at a table with a long-time couple as they reminisce about someone’s certain hand flaying rat dances which the other finds so endearing.   *sigh It must be a rat dance only a mother could love only your partner could love.

As the dawn of Valentine’s Day soon approaches, and as I a single friend of Her, I wonder cynically, is everyone in a relationship?!

If all your friends are in a relationship, which is the case with all the coworkers in my team, then are you an outcast? The answer is no. Despite all of your coworkers receiving flowers to their desks and planning elaborate Valentine weekends away on top of snow peaks. This is what you still have. Yes, you the single person.

  • The ability to admire your friend’s relationships. Such is the case with Him and Her. She indulgences me with the sweet details of their courtship, conflicts and triumphs. (Not in an annoying T.M.I way)
  • The ability to share raunchy single stories with your couple friends. Maybe make them a bit jealous. [Sidenote from Her: She is definitely jealous]
  • No strings attached carefree demeanor. (Not to be confused with the latest Ashton Kutcher movie)
  • The hope of meeting Mr. or Miss. Right.

With this I say Happy Valentine’s Day to all the Singles out there. Especially singles with a lot of couple friends. And remember that Sunday, February 13th is Singles Appreciation Day. (S.A.D)

Ox Michou



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