Posture Schmosture? I Think Not

23 Feb

Okay – I know that we promised to update on our Cuba adventures, but honestly, I’m just super lazy right now and don’t feel like uploading photos. I will though – promise promise. Three cameras of photos thought is a loooot to go through!

In the meantime though, my mind today was on my back.

My Coworker today introduced me to her new ergonomic seating arrangement. The thing is sweet. She’s following all the rules and her desk looks at least 10 per cent more space age-y than it did yesterday.

As someone who is under 5’1″ tall (but over 4’11”), sitting is something that’s super uncomfortable for me most of the time. My feet constantly hang and refuse to touch the floor – not just at the office, but on public transportation, movie theatres, fancy dinner parties… it’s a real pain in the ass. And the shoulders, and back, and neck… I used to think of it as more than just an inconvenience, but after doing some light reading on it, it could really grow to be a problem for me.

Now don’t worry faithful readers – I wouldn’t leave you out of my research. I’ve compiled some great tips here on easy steps you can take to make sure you won’t have scar tissue on your shoulder muscles and be as short as I am due to crumpling when you’re super old.

1) Keep your feet parallel when standing and sitting

2) When looking at your computer screen, ensure your eyes are facing straight ahead – not up, and especially not down

3) Don’t let your wrists get all crinkly – get a pad for underneath your wrists for your keyboard and mouse

4) Every half hour get up and walk – whether it’s to the bathroom, your co-worker instead of emailing. Or my favorite – the kitchen

For more super cool tips, check out this, this and this.


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