The Best Place To Get Drinks in Toronto? Online

26 Feb

Okay. Not exactly online. But you can find out where to get the best drinks in Toronto online. And by best, you know I mean cheapest.

If there’s one thing He and I both love, it’s a great deal. And if there’s one thing I love, it’s charts, lists, and organization.

T.O. Drinks Weekly has always been one of our favorite sites. In fact, I’m pretty sure it was one of those things we wanted to invent ourselves back in university.

The site just underwent a new look, and a lot of the minor issues we had with it the first time around have been fixed – plus, it looks so snazzy I want to take it on a date.

The site has always allowed you to look for drink deals in the city by the day of the week or the neighborhood, but they’ve added a new feature where you can look for deals by the drink you like. This is FANTASTIC for me, because while most bars advertise cheap beer or caesars, I’m a margarita girl through and through, and now I can find eight different options for this nectar of the gods.

They’ve also added a map feature, so you don’t have to look up where the bar is on your own, which is also good for someone like me, who uses Google Maps as often as Charlie Sheen uses cocaine. Snap!

While the site is looking super good, we did notice that there are a few neighborhoods still missing, like Yonge-Bloor and our baby, Bathurst-St. Clair. This could be because there aren’t any deals, but I doubt it. Maybe we should send T.O. Drinks our Ork poster?

Overall though, the site is super useful. My bet is that they’ll get an app soon you can download. I know there have been times I’ve tried to look it up while on the go. Friends always seem to want to go to any old bar, but why not go to any old bar with half-priced margaritas?

The other thing I like is that their homepage now shows you the drink specials for that night – you don’t even have to click anything!

Enough of this ranting. I’d better go get my pre-drink on – He and I are off to Tortilla Flats for $3 tequila.


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