4 Mar

So we’ve got this friend, Mcd.  He’s kind of a big deal.  He makes movies.  Good ones.  Like the one that you’re about to see.

His latest film, Urinception, is a short film spoof of the movie Inception.  There’s still a team of people breaking into someone dream to change something, except in Urinception’s case the something is the man character’s chronic bed wetting problem.

It won best cinematography and special effects at the latest Fredericton 48 hour film competition.  As I was watching it, I totally could see that the camera work was a step above.  My friend really has progressed in his ability to shoot some really well crafted, and thought out, shots.

Not only is the directing/camera work very solid, the acting is also well done.  Jon Quinn as the lead really takes it upon himself to demand the audience’s attention whenever he’s on the screen.  And who can forget Jack Yerxa as the number 2 in the dream team squad?  Also, he looks particularly skeezy in the goatee and sweater vest…

The only flaw that is readily apparent is the sound quality; the characters spoken lines, in particular, are sometimes difficult to comprehend.  But you can hardly blame the crew for this.  I’m sure with only 48 hours to write, shoot, edit, and render the film, rerecording dialogue was probably not at the forefronts of their minds.

A clever script, cinematography and neat special effects make Urinception a great short film to see.  Ah, I forgot to mention that the film was the first runner up in the best film category at the Fredericton 48 hour film contest.  Which is actually a step down from Mcd’s last entry in the competition.  That film won best film last year.  Take a look!


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