The Quest For A Squillion Dollars Continues

8 Mar

So, you may ask – how’s that “additional income” goal you guys were so hot about coming along?

Well, it’s chugging. Like Thomas the Tank Engine the day he gets stuck in the mud and needs help from Gordon to get him out. Yeah, I read a lot of Thomas books babysitting.

We’ve kind of been slowing on that actually, or at least I have been. I looked at the chart, and the last time I babysat was February 12th. That’s almost a whole month ago! It’s hard though, because it’s not like I can just call up these parents and ask them to go have a good time or something.

I have, however, started my etsy store with the BFF, where we’re hoping to at least make a little something extra. At the very least, it’s been really fun to get into crafting again and I hope to keep it up. I’m sending a bunch of cards to my parents to take to their work, and if there’s something that will get your stuff bought, it’s definitely taking it to your parents work.

He, however, has been less like Thomas stuck in the mud and more like Thomas when his brakes don’t work. He’s killing it in overtime lately as we’ve both been crazy busy with work. He hasn’t entered in the figures lately, but He’ll definitely surpass me once he does.

One thing that was a bit of a downer to note was that for some reason I’ve been thinking our goal is to earn $7,000 together. It’s not. It’s $7,000 individually. Just great.

Please garage sale weather, hurry up. I have way more shiz than He does and I want to sell it to strangers.


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