Pet Rats

12 Mar

Him and Her had the cutest pet rats. Phyllis Vance and Kelly Kapoor. Seriously adorable.

That’s the two of them sharing a beer on their first birthday.  That must make them at least 19 in rat years, right?

Rats make great pets. They don’t bite. They’ll eat whatever you give them. They come when they’re called. And you can put them in your mouth during rushhour on the subway…

Her here. Thought I’d jump in on this whole “pet rats” thing.

It’s true – rats actually make very sweet pets. Phyllis and Kelly were fantastic rat girls – they’re very clean, don’t really poo or pee everywhere, and they really love you – the most important pet quality I think.

Rats are exceptionally smart – they come to know their owners. We would bring Phyllis and Kelly with us to parties and while everyone wanted to hold them (when they got over their fear of their tails), they always wanted to come back to us because they felt safe. They would sit in the hoods of our sweatshirts, or in our sleeves, and just hang out, being cute.

More pictures!


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