Alcoholic Air Miles – Her Edition!

18 Mar

That’s right – He’s not the only one who gets drunk on a weeknight! Kidding. I’m not drunk. But I’m pretty sleepy.

Tonight I was on my way home from work when I passed by the LCBO. Now, the fact that it was still light out, I felt actual warmth on my legs while waiting for a stoplight, and that I was home alone tonight since He’s working late, all contributed to me popping in.

So I bought some wine!

Cono Sur wine from Chile to be exact. I bought it because it was only $9.95 and came with 5 Air Miles. Nice! I find there are a lot more red wines that come with Air Miles than white, which is a bitch, since I only drink white most of the time. But this time, I lucked out.

I got home and was all set to have a glass and blog about it – but lo and behold, I couldn’t get the cap open. And where was He to help out? At work. I got a knife – problem solved! I butchered that bad boy, but the sweet nectar of the Gods was still avail.

I took a drink – it tasted a little vomity. I took another drink. Still a bit vomity, but not enough that you don’t want more.

The label says “viognier” – I’m pretty sure that means I was drinking pure vinegar. I should have put some on my salad. Heyo! I’m eating a salad.

The best part about writing an Alcoholic Airmiles entry is that you have to go get the bottle out of the fridge to write the name of it. And I mean, by then you’ve done half the work, so you might as well have another glass.

Now, I don’t have the fancy chart that He makes, and I don’t feel like copy and pasting it in here. So I’ll make my own rating system:

Taste: 3/10 for the first glass, 6/10 for the second glass

Cost to Air Miles ratio: 10:5

All in all  –  I would only buy this vinegar wine again if I knew I was going to have a second glass. Or if it was dirt cheap and came with a lot of Airmiles (anything over 5).


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