Mary and Max

23 Mar

Last night, Her and I watched a really nice movie together: Mary and Max.

It’s about two, seemingly, different people (a young girl from Australia and an overweight 40 something New Yorker) who become pen pals.  Their relationship flourishes through their letters as the two write back and forth around the world.  They both have trouble with people and take comfort knowing that their is someone else out there who can be their friend.

It’s a heartwarming story told in Wallace and Grommit style stop motion animation.  Many of the scenes are really a visual feast.  Just amazing to watch.  Also, the New Yorker has Aspergers, something that I am familiar with.  His behaviour was so obvious, I could tell the character had it shortly after his introduction!

Anyways, check this movie out if you have the chance.  It’s on the IMDB top 250 right now, and deservedly so.  I’m trying to watch every movie on that list (which is difficult because it’s constantly getting updated).  Only 22 more to go (for now).  Keep your eyes peeled for a post about it in the future!


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