Go To: Nivea Pop-Up Store

27 Mar

The week before last I noticed the Toronto Metro was having these ads for Nivea telling you to keep them and keep your eyes peeled for the future. Well folks, the future is here, and it is smooth and creamy.

I highly advise you to head over to 361 Queen Street West. They’re giving away free samples like it’s their job, except that it is their job, and they should all get promotions because they’re doing it extremely well. The store is only there until April 5th so you had better go now. You actually don’t even need the newspaper cut out either.

He and I both went down today and get a buttload of free samples. Not just those ones that are a one-time use in the little packets either – retail sized stuff. It was intense. They were throwing them at us, it was totally awesome.

While you’re there, you can also get a free skin care analysis. Rather than just asking if you’re skin is dry vs. oily, this one they actually use face tool things and measure your skin’s hydration levels, oil levels, and take a really disgusting close-up of your skin that makes your baby face look more like a planet up close.

You can also check out the retro Nivea posters and cases the creams used to come in. It’s funny, you take a product like face cream or whatever, and it’s not all that interesting, but when you add in all the retro stuff and check out the history, it gets more interesting than face cream should.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Go check it out!


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