Thought of the Day: Weird Search Terms

29 Mar

On our little bloggy blog we can see the terms that people plug into Google or Bing or whatever the dude they use, that somehow link to our blog. Some of them make us very curious as to what people are really hoping to find. Here are the most intruiging results:

  1. Is anyone in “We are the City” married
  2. What is the address for What not to Wear
  3. What to wear in February party
  4. Day after party girls photos
  5. All Dressed Ruffles 43 g
  6. I had a dream about a red lobster
  7. Reasons why video games are good
  8. Babysitting shark (this has now been searched for 4 times)
  9. Crazy drunks in Cuba
  10. Erotic steak photo

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