Review: All Our Monies

7 Apr

Well, it’s a few days late, but like your period, better late than never. Girl joke!

March wasn’t a fab month for us in terms of making our extra cash. We did do our tax refunds, but we won’t get those until late April at the latest, and He says we can’t include them anyways (I disagree and say they should count towards our extra income – if you think so too, please comment so I can win the battle).

I did, however, get my referral bonus at work for a wonderful addition to our office – A-Lister Alanna. I was glad not only to receive it (obvi), but also that she’s joined the team – such a fab addition and I hear nothing but good things about her.

Anyways, we’ve both been able to increase our income and add to our final goal. We’re both about 2/7ths of the way there!

I have reach 28 per cent of my goal, and He has reached 18 per cent. Wait a minute. That doesn’t seem right. Oh well. The important thing is I’m winning, right?


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