Look at those mussels…

17 Apr

I’ve wanted to try and steam my own mussels for a while now.  They are delicious, inexpensive (when bought from the store) and can taste great.  Her and I got a good taste of them when we lived in Ottawa and could get them for half price twice a week at the Clock Tower Brew Pub.  Not that we ever went twice in one week, but it’s nice to know that we could have.

So Loblaws has a 900g bag of live mussels on for $1 off regular price this week and I figure, why not?  It’s not a huge deal if I screw them up, and this way I can give steaming them myself a shot.  So I cooked them as follows

  1. cleaned mussels with cold water making sure that the beards were removed. Threw out any that were cracked or open even slightly.
  2. put a combination of white wine, garlic and parmeson bread dipper and water in a large pot until there was one inch of liquid in the bottom of the pot.
  3. garnished the combo liquid with parsley and minced garlic.
  4. heated up the liquid at medium heat for a few minutes, then added the mussels to the liquid and let steam for about 10 minutes.
And that was it.  Her and I both thought that the results were delicious and are excited to make them again for a dinner party in the future.
One important thing to note is that if any mussels don’t open after the steaming, throw them out.  That means they were dead on arrival and are not safe to eat.
They were enjoyed very much by the both of us and saved us a lot of money.  I think that the amount of mussels we bought would probably have cost between 20 and 25 dollars at a restaurant, we made them for $4.  The only thing now is that I’ve got a moderate case of heartburn and our bismuth has decided to disappear!

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