Alcoholic Air Miles – McClelland’s Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky

19 Apr

Alcoholic Air Miles is a recurring segment on His, Hers and Theirs. It delves into the secret world of picking up bonus Air Miles from regular, everyday purchases from the Liquor Control Board of Ontario (“LCBO”) stores. Every month, the LCBO changes which items receive bonus Air Miles and He tries to keep you on top of those changes. These are His stories…

“Islay, ‘the Island of dreams’ is a place of pilgrimage for hundreds of malt whisky lovers.  The quality of the air, deep peaty ground and cold salt winds combine to create the strongest flavour of all malt whisky.” -the case

Not quite as cool as the little 20cl bottle with the ancient lore story printed on it that my buddy brought back from Scotland, but its still poignant enough to get me really in the mood to enjoy some scotch.

I first started drinking scotch a few years ago.  After a brief foray into whiskey* and water (usually drunk out of a jar while listening to Thin Lizzy), I grew up and bought some of the good stuff.  Well, I guess it’s mostly been the mediocre stuff.  Teacher’s blended scotch just doesn’t hold a candle to some of the single malts.  Knowing this, I have been waiting for a good time to invest in a bottle for my cabinet.  This is that time.

*whisky is the Scottish spelling, whiskey is the non-scotch spelling.

Her had given me an LCBO gift card for Christmas with a purpose.  She wanted me to buy myself some scotch that I wanted and she was afraid that she’d buy a bad one and the gift would be ruined.  Very thoughtful of her.  So I took said gift card and went to the Mecca of all LCBO’s (summerhill) and picked up a bottle of the McClelland’s Islay.

The scotch is one of the cheaper ones as far as single malts go and that’s one of the reasons it was chosen.  I try to live by the philosophy that you start of with the least expensive of a given item and stick with it as long as it means your needs.  If it doesn’t then you move onto the next least expensive item.  This way you’re not spending more than you need to be.

Anyways, the scotch is okay.  Nothing special, but certainly enjoyable.  I might have to go up in price the next time I but a bottle, but that’s okay. I’m still going to enjoy the heck out of this one for the foreseeable future!

Cost $31.75
Bonus Air miles 10
ML 750
Alcohol % 40%
Airmiles/$ 0.31
ML/$ 23.62

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