Meet Our Friends: Doggo

23 Apr

Doggo is the best friend a girl or boy could have. Thoughtful, smart, and always ready to dance,  he’s there whenever you need him, whether it’s a kind word, a paw to high-five, or just a hula skirt to cry on.

Doggo was my gift to BFF when she first got her car, a Ford Tempo lovingly dubbed The Temponator. Doggo was around through thick and thin all through high-school and even university. Doggo went through some tough times, like when his hula skirt fell off, and when he came apart because his spring was broken, but BFF has always taken great care of him and I’m happy to say he’s now back in one piece, right where he belongs. Although the Temponator has reached its rusty grave, Doggo lives on in Boppa6, BFF’s new car.

1. How did you get your unique name, Doggo?

Well Her, I believe you were actually there, with my owner, the day of my naming. A really great U2 song came on and you all added an O to the ends of your short form name… example: Racho, Kato, Micho, Shanno… I didn’t have a name yet so the O was added to Dog, and thus, I became Doggo! 

2. Where is the most exciting place you’ve ever been?

I have been many places… all fairly close to home. But I think the most exciting was the road to Honey Harbour… boy oh boy I thought we were going to be in the ditch so many times! Less exciting, more… thrilling! 

3. What is your favorite memory of The Temponator, Rachel’s old car?

The best memory of the Temponator would possibly be… in Waterloo. Rachel was driving to work one day and a mouse climbed up out of the vents in the hood and cruised along the windshield! Man I wanted to catch that mouse so bad!!!

4. If there is one place you could go, where would it be?

If I could go anywhere it would be a road trip across Canada and the United States… so much to see! Just boppin’ along in hot hot sun! Living the dream..

5. If you had one piece of advice for Him and Her, what would it be?

Some advice for Him and Her is never buy a fake grass skirt. They are so cheap and fall apart! You gotta get a genuine grass skirt if you want it to last! And always wear SPF! 

Doggo, Doggo, Doggo… we can’t thank you enough for your sage words of wisdom. You truly are man’s best friend.


One Response to “Meet Our Friends: Doggo”

  1. Rachel April 25, 2011 at 3:59 pm #

    love you Doggo!!!

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