Thought Of The Day: The Royal Wedding

29 Apr

In case you’re new to the internet, the Royal Wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton today.

Now, I’ll leave all the stuff about her dress, and her bouquet, (though apparently she did lay her bouquet in Princess Diana’s grave instead of throwing it, which I think is sweet) and her earrings, and all that jazz to the celebrity bloggers. I’m more interested in what their new titles are, and that got me thinking about the Royals in general… So here’s my Thought of the Day with Royalty questions, followed by something super cute at the end – so read on.

 1. Do the Royals have last names? (Update – I Googled this and found the answer)

2. What if the Queen said “No Wills, you can’t marry her.” Would he have done it anyway?

3.  Have Prince William and Kate already done it? I think they totally have.

4.  Why did people travel squillions of hours just to go catch the barest glimpse in person, when they could have stayed home and watched on their TV’s?

5.  What would happen to Britain if the Royals were disbanded? Would they get regular jobs?

6.  Who do you think is cuter – Prince William or Prince Harry? I think Prince Harry totally is.

7.  Why is Harry a short-form of Henry?

8.  Why do Royals sometimes have more than one title? How do they remember them all? Do they sign their names with all of their titles?

9.  How much money do you think they really have? Isn’t it crazy that they never carry any money at all?!

10.  What does the Royal family tree look like? (Update – it looks like this) Additionally, how many movies have been made about the Royal family?

Intriguing, I know. Those questions will probably have you up all night. Too bad I didn’t ask them last night, so you would have something to think about while you waited up until 3:00 a.m. in the morning to see the wedding start.

And now, here’s my super cute promise. Apparently, just before Kate came in, Prince Harry leaned over to Wills and whispered, “Wait ‘til you see her.” Isn’t that awesome? Man, I hope someone whispers that to my husband right before our wedding. In a good way though, obvi.


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