Stealing The Beat: Part III

4 May

This three-part series takes a deep look into one of my most treasured belongings: my drumstick collection.

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Here we are friends – the last installment. Looking back I wish I had organized it so this final post would be all “Whoa, cool! What a great band! Amazing!” Not to say that it isn’t this way. I guess it just depends if you like multiple Queen’s Players band drumsticks or not?

1. Dharma Love 1/27/04

Ah, Dharma Love. Dharma Love was a band that formed in Uxbridge by four hotties. When I was in highschool, I loved them. BFF and I would write LiveJournal posts ending with ourselves calling them Mrs. LastNameOfOurFaveMembers. It was very cool. And the entire school didn’t find out and make fun of us either, just in case you were wondering. They had this one song, More Than Doing What You Feel Is Right Is Coming To Conclusions As To Why You Think What You Feel Is Right, a totally normal and easy to say name of a song. Here’s a vid for An Honest Prayer – if you look close, you can totally see a Grade 11 me at around 1:57 in. The drummer, Phil, was my real infatuation. At one show, he handed me a whisp of wheat that was decorating the theatre (I know, what the dude?) and I have it to this day. Phil, if you’re out there… I always thought your nose ring was the coolest.


While this is one of the more impressive sticks, it also really bothers me. It’s the only one the band has signed the name of their band and one of two that’s autographed (Hello Kelly is the other one). Not that that’s a bad thing, it’s just that I like order and them all to be the same. OKGO is also written in the opposite direction from all the other sticks, which is a bit of a bitch. It was a great show though – in Kingston at The Grad Club around… I want to say fall of 2006 or something? And yes, they did amazing dancing in synch, and it was the best I’ve ever seen.

3. Trevor And The N-Bombs, Queen’s Fall Players, Derek Zwiep

Man, I really wish I had been better at dating these Players drumsticks. It would be a pain to go back and match them up with the shows, especially because the band names were really unofficial and never printed in the program. This one was funny not because of the N-Bombs joke, but because they had a trumpet player in the band that only played a couple of songs – he was totally part of the core group – and everyone thought his name was Trevor.

His name was Tyler.

4. Boardumb – Darren Ellery

Boardumb! I totally forgot I had this drumstick. This one might have actually been the real first drumstick… this was my neighbours garage band, and they were… good… super… good… If you gave them a teeshirt, they would take it home and Sharpie the name of the band on it. Very professional. I gave them their first real slogan – “Boardumb – We Don’t Suck.” My royalties will be huge.

5. Queen’s Players Band – Fall 07

Okay, now this has come back to bite me for sure. Yes, the date is helpful. The name of the band would have been too though. Therefore – I got nothin’.

6. Queen’s Players – The Killer Whales 09

The Killer Whales. This was actually from the first show where they started the Orca trophy for Best Whale by the band. They had this way of taking the guitar and making it sound like a whale… wailing… whaling… and hence, the Orca was born. It was much needed in response to the Gouda trophy that the cast could receive – now the band could receive their due. For more info on the history of the trophys, check out this link.

7. xDestroying Decemberx – 1/27/04

Yeah, you like those straight edge x’s by the name? Brings you back, am I right? I used to be straight edge too, until I tired alcohol, and then I wasn’t. This was from the same show Dharma Love played. About this show: it was organized to raise money for me to be Miss Teen Lindsay. Yeah, I know. It was crazy; a few of us signed up for this competition and I was selected as Miss Teen Lindsay. I had to raise money to go to the finals so I decided to do something cool. I got the Senior’s Centre in Fenelon Falls for free (it was where all the local shows were) and with the help of my Boardumb neighbour Kent, I had a bunch of bands play. I even got our local Sobeys where half the high school worked to donate bottled water. I can’t remember how much money I made, but I can tell you that I did not go on to the next level and copped out. I was still in the paper though!


One Response to “Stealing The Beat: Part III”

  1. Phil Shelton March 5, 2016 at 12:30 pm #

    Hi it’s Phil ex- dharmalove

    I’m glad you guys enjoyed our shows, and the Lindsay/ Fenlinfalls crew was always our favourite crowd ,
    I’m in a new band now called HUMANSNITIES check us out on Facebook or humanitiesband IG
    We have a bunch of shows coming up.

    Peace Phil

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